Thomsonvirtual.co.uk is a Virtual Airline which is a free non profit, non commercial organisation for use with Microsoft's Flight Simulator, we support FS2002, FS2004 ie fs9, FSX and the popular growing X-Plane. Our aim it to provide a free for members virtual environment for flight simulator enthusiasts that simulate the type of operations flown by the real world company. We do not accurately match or claim to do so.

We are in no way connected to any real world company and it is not our intention to confuse or mislead the public in any way shape or form.

This website has been created from publicly available non copyright images, images or text depicted in it only consists of simple geometric shapes and text freely available or easily created with 3rd party software. They do not meet the threshold of originality needed for copyright protection, and are therefore public domain. All data within this site is in no way meant to be deceptive or misleading in any way shape or form to the public, Thomsonvirtual.co.uk and all the material within is subject to our own restrictions of use. Full member terms and conditions may be found Here.

Financial models are not accurately followed, all virtual ticket pricing for the system is currently set at £89.00, this may be reviewed at a later stage. Due to the complexity of the financial model there is no intention to accurately model this. 

Fuel pricing where applicable is accurately modelled by lookups on the day at the time of the PIREP submission, any live fuel pricing that is not available when a PIREP is filed will have a default value of 1.0.

Schedules and airports are modelled as accurately as publicly information becomes available in to the domain, we will endeavor to update schedules to reflect changes however due to the vast amount of schedules flight numbers will not be accurately modelled. You are more than welcome to inform us if a route exists that is not currently in the system, we welcome this feedback and an update will be implemented to reflect this.

We thought this video sums up the kind of thing we represent, hope you enjoy...