About us

TUI Virtual was founded in December 2006 and we are still going strong today. With a small dedicated team of staff making your virtual experience as real and fun as possible to bring you all you need out of Flight Simulation and flying in the virtual skies.
We beleive in giving all kinds of pilots out there in the virtual world something different regardless of experience or level you want to take your sim we cater for you whether it be real life schedules to fly, a chance to fly where you want in the world or a route given to you by us. We have a wide range of aircraft to fly from current fleet in the Tui Group or the historic fleet should you wish to fly them. 
Thomson Airways is the UK's largest charter airline who are based in Luton. We have a fleet of 77 aircraft to more than 80 destinations around the world. We are the first airline in the UK to roll out the 787 Dreamliner. In 2014 we decided to extend our operations and bring in the other Tui Group airlines which brings 6 airlines together to operate at more than 60 airports in 9 European Countries with 130 aircraft to 150 destinations worldwide. If that wasn't enough we also have Sunwing based out in Canada that TUI own 49% share in, great for winter flying. Now that's impressive!
Within our virtual airline you can operate the following airlines:
- Thomson Airways
- TUIfly
- TUI Airlines NEtherlands
- Jetairfly
- TUIfly Nordic
- Corsair International
- Sunwing
The possibilities and opportunities are endless and we hope to bring a friendly, fun and realistic experience for you.