Virtual Airline Stats

Schedules: 6224
Total Flights: 26558
Aircraft in Fleet: 292
Pax Carried: 2828097
Total Hours Flown: 87548
Total Flights Today:
Average LR -233
Pending Applications: 0
Active Pilots:91
Total Pilots On Leave: 8
Total Inactive Pilots: 1

New Virtual Airline Pilots

Peter Collins TUI6404

Callum Foss TUI6403

Alex Breeze TUI6402

Aidy Ford TUI6401

Joe Lee TUI6400

Joshua Carr TUI6397

Chris Lowe TUI6396

Sam Westley TUI6395

Stephen O'Connell TUI6392

Henk Pille TUI6384



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The UK's Number One Virtual Airline, established 2006. Welcome - TUI Virtual

We are a flight simulator enthusiasts site; this Virtual Airline (VA) has its heritage from way back in 2006 when we first created the Virtual Airline.

We have various members, from real-world airline pilots to aspiring pilots and everything in between. This virtual airline prides itself on accurate flight operations; we score your flight using specific parameters available to members, dedicated SOP and our custom-created flight tracking system, "BlueSky".

If you want to add meaning to your Virtual Airline Career, join us; we have real-world schedules, Tour flights and a custom flight assignment so you will never have to ponder your next destination.

If you are looking for a great and friendly Flight Simulator community, come and join us; we support P3D, X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator; we ask you to file 1 flight every 90 days to remain active.

Full support is available in our Virtual Airline Forum anytime. We have dedicated staff to answer any questions you have.

You have seen the rest, come and join the best TUI Virtual, the original and best since 2006.

Virtual Airline Recent Flights

Flight # Dep Arr Duration Pilot Landing Rate Aircraft Status
TOM2634 EGCC LSGG 01.53.22


-226.84 fpm B738
TOM2776 EGCC GCTS 04.26.22


-382.94 fpm B738


-143.02 fpm A320
TOM172 EGCC MMUN 10.07.43


-185.32 fpm B789
TOM4334 EGKK EFRO 03.41.25


-166.86 fpm B738
TUR01A EGKK EHAM 01.05.17


-152.25 fpm B738
TOM142 EGCC MMUN 11.13.40


-97.66 fpm B789
TOM6660 EGGD LEPA 02.07.28


-171.48 fpm B738